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Speed Ludo

Everyone remembers Ludo as a fun game and the memories associated with the game during Sunday afternoons with family and friends. The endless laughter, the thrill to kill the opponent’s token and all possible moves to save yours.

Although we stopped playing the game as often as time progressed, we still remember the game and reminisce about it. Therefore, CardBaazi brings Speed Ludo, a fun variant of the Ludo game, to relive nostalgic memories and help you earn real money online.

While the game may sound new and complicated, there is nothing to worry about since we will explain the game features in detail.

What is Speed Ludo?

Speed Ludo is a classic board strategy game, similar to age-old Ludo, but with one difference. In this version of the Ludo game, you need to roll the dice in a predetermined time duration. As a result, the intensity of the game reaches a whole new level.

Unlike the classic ludo game, you don’t need to open the tokens in this game as they are already in open positions. So, you don’t need to wait for the dice to roll a six or one to open your tokens and start the game.

You can roll the dice and start the game with any number on the dice. The thrill of the game increases automatically with ten seconds to roll the dice and the gameplay time of six to eight minutes.

As a result, these features make it a fast-paced game and do justice to becoming a 21st-century game synonymous with its predecessor. Let’s move ahead and learn how to play Speed Ludo.

Speed Ludo Gameplay & Rules

Although Speed Ludo is quite an easy game, it has a few twists that make it more interesting, fun and easy to play in all senses. However, this requires gaining a hold over the game and grasping the basic rules and gameplay.

So, let’s take a step towards fun, nostalgia and loads of strategic learning as we learn about the gameplay and rules of the Speed Ludo game online.

  • As the game begins, all players are assigned random coloured tokens.
  • The goal is to race all four tokens to house within the specified time duration. There is no limit on the number of moves in one go as per the game rules.
  • In Speed Ludo, you don’t need to roll 6 to open the token, as all are in an open position from the start.
  • You get six minutes when playing the 2-Player mode and eight minutes in the 4-player game mode. Moreover, you get a limited time of 10 seconds to play a turn.
  • A buffer time of 10 seconds is provided if you fail to roll the dice within 10 seconds. Each player gets three buffers of 10 seconds each in the game.

Note: In case, you fail to move the token or roll the dice in the 10-second buffer time, you will miss your turn and will have two remaining buffers. However, the buffer time is used if you roll the dice or move the token at any point of the buffer timer. Consequently, you’ll have two buffers remaining.

Once all buffer time options are used, you won’t get the additional buffer time once you use all three buffer timers.

  • You'll be automatically disqualified from the game if you quit in the middle of the game or miss three turns in the game.
  • Similar to the classic ludo board strategy game, you get an extra turn upon rolling a six on the dice, by killing an opponent’s token and when your token reaches home.
  • When an opponent kills your token, you lose all the points gained by that token.
  • Even if you have more than 1 token of the same colour in an unsafe box, it won’t make the box safe. As a result, the opponent can cut/kill all your tokens in that box if their token lands on the same cell.
  • The winner in the Speed Ludo game is determined as per the score. The player with the highest score wins the Speed Ludo game.
  • In case of a tie for first place, the winning amount is split amongst the first-place holders.

Speed Ludo Point System

  • In the Speed ludo app, the number of points of the token depends on the number of cells/boxes/tiles it has been moved. For example, if you move the token by one cell, you get one point; two points for moving the token by two cells/boxes and so on.
  • You get 56 bonus points for each token that reaches home.

Tips & Tricks to Win in Speed Ludo

There are no shortcuts to scoring a win in the strategy board game, especially the Speed Ludo variant of the Ludo game. However, you can use the tips and tricks provided below to win in Speed Ludo & earn real money.

  • Try to move your token as far as possible in each move as moving the token by each box/cell gives you one point.
  • Focus on moving all your tokens across the ludo board instead of a single token. It will help you score a win at a faster rate.
  • Always play to win and cut or kill as many of your opponent’s tokens. When you do so, they will lose the points scored by that token and you will gain an additional turn as well.
  • Remember to use the safe tiles to secure your token from getting killed/cut.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection as an unstable connection can lead to leaving the game in the middle of a play, resulting in a loss.

Why Choose CardBaazi to Play Speed Ludo

Multiple platforms offer Speed Ludo. So, why should you choose CardBaazi to play Speed Ludo? Let’s find out.

Fair Play

Speed Ludo at CardBaazi complies with the Supreme Court’s “Game of Skill” ruling. These rulings facilitate skill gaming and assist you in grooming your talent for such games. Any game that requires careful planning and strategy to achieve victory is considered a game of skill.

Responsible Gaming

CardBaazi aims at ‘Customer First’ with every game by providing player-oriented rules and policies. The same goes for Speed Ludo, where players can monitor their transactions, set deposit limits as well as employ self-exclusion tools to refrain from addiction.

Quick Withdrawals

At CardBaazi, you can withdraw your winnings & cash rewards quickly and effortlessly without experiencing any inconvenience. All you have to do is get KYC verified on your CardBaazi account and enjoy seamless transactions from your bank account to the CardBaazi wallet or vice versa.

Splendid Graphics & Easy-to-Understand UI

Every game at CardBaazi boasts splendid and eye-catching graphics. The gaming experience is augmented further with a simple user interface that’s easy to navigate complemented with awesome emojis.

The high-end graphics aid in boosting focus during play. On the other hand, the easy-to-navigate user interface makes the game and platform friendly for all age groups. It won’t be wrong to say that these two features collectively make the gameplay at CardBaazi, an out-of-the-world experience.


One aspect that separates CardBaazi from the crowd of platforms is the safety and security of personal information and transaction details. End-to-end SSL-encrypted transactions keep user data secure from cyber threats at all times.

With such high-end features, it is no surprise that CardBaazi is the most preferred choice for Speed Ludo. And with that, we have covered every aspect of the Speed Ludo game, so get playing and relieve the good old days hereon.

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