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Call Break

Call Break

You've probably heard about ever popular card games like Call Break, Dehla Pakad, Rummy & 3 patti which are both super fun to play. What you might not know is that Call Break game is on the verge of being another massive hit! So if you wish to mint some money while having fun? Get started with the Call Break real money game to day and you can mint all the big bucks you want.

Call Break is a simple online card games that you may play with friends or anonymous adversaries. While following the rules can be complex at first, understanding them helps to simplify things. With five different rounds in each game, call break online is highly engaging.

Call Break Game

How To Play Call Break Online

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Play Call Break - Real Money Game

Call Break real money game offers unrivalled enjoyment and is typically played among four players. Other names of the Call Break Game are Call Bridge, Lakadi Game or Call Break Taas game. You can play Call Break taas game either in more then one player or single player mode. There’s also a three-player variant of this game, known as teen-do-panch, that is popular in India. Even though the genesis of Call Break game online in india is uncertain, it is said to be based on the famous card game, Spades.

A single deck of standard 52-card deck is required to play CallBreak Multiplayer online excluding the Joker, and the Call Break Taas game is played between four players with each player receiving 13 cards in every round. Ranking order of the card from high to low is Ace King Queen Jack 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. The participants must proclaim their call when the distribution is completed. The calls are numerals between one to right that symbolize the tricks that players use to win this cash games. Each game consists of 2 to 5 rounds, with the rank inscribed on each card indicating the card's potency. Spades is the trump card in the game.

The initial throw will be made by the player on the right hand side of the card dealer. Hereafter, participants must play a card of the same colour in all tricks while playing Call Break games. They must also toss a card that is better in value than the one that is presently dominating. If a card of the same colour is not accessible, the trump card, Spades must be tossed in order to play Call Break and earn real money online. The cards are redistributed if a player does not obtain at least one Spade card.

The value of the call is forfeited if fewer tricks are performed in this online card and if players have tricks equal to or greater than the call, they will receive the same number of points as the call made, plus an additional 0.1 point for the extra hand. In the end, all of the points are tallied up to decide the game's winner.

Online Call Break Game Rules & Scoring System

Despite the fact that the Call Break tash game online is a pretty simple card game, There are a few rules to learn if you want to become a winning player you need to know Call Break.

  • As per the Call Break Game rules, the cards are shuffled initially and then, handed out in a counter-clockwise manner, with 13 cards to each player. Thereafter, the players have to announce their call.
  • The trump cards in the Call break game online are Spades, and players cannot proclaim any other suit as trump. Any card of the other suits will be defeated by a spade. The 4 of Spades has greater strength than any other suit's Ace.
  • They have to state their number from among the available cards. Players in this game should await the first card thrown at them to know what the next card's colour should be. The most important Call Break online rule is that the next card should be higher than the current one in order to take control, or if it doesn't exist, then they must use trump cards which are Spades.
  • If two out of four players play the same suit in a Call Break card game sequence, the bigger suit wins the hand.
  • If you can successfully take more tricks than were bid, then your bet gains, but if the number of tricks that you manage to take is lower than what was called, then you will lose your collective bet.
  • The scoring method is simple, with points being determined after each round. Speed the score up with trick points to make the scoring system more interesting when you play Call Break online with friends.
  1. If you have tricks equal to or greater than your call, they still be worth their original amount but also come with a bonus of 0.1 points per extra hand they beat.
  2. If you win less hands than you bid, your score will be reduced by that number of points.
  3. Each player receives the same amount of points if they win an equal number of hands as they bid at the start of the game.

Play Real Money Call Break Online Card Game with Friends

If you're getting bored playing the same games, consider Real Money Call Break Game with your friends on CardBaazi. The Real Money Call Break Card Gameis a really fun and easy-to-understand game. No one will be able to tell if you're a newbie if you know how to utilise the Call Break card game methods to your favor. Watch our tutorial to learn the basic call break rules real quick.

Why Choose CardBaazi App to Play Call Break Online

Internet gaming in India has exerted a strong influence over time, and gamers like to be spoilt with choices considering how easily we get bored. That's why CardBaazi becomes a legit choice because Call Break card game is one such game that can stretch for hours. For die hard card gamers, we have more amazing card games on the menu such as 3 patti online , Dehla Pakad, Solitaire and Indian Rummy.

The gaming app is compatible with Android phones, iPads, and iPhones and even PCs and you can enjoy breezy sessions while reaping massive real cash winnings. We are fair play certified, bot free with round the clock Customer assistance to be with just when you need us. Enjoy safe online Call Break real money games and keep minting money during spare hours only on CardBaazi.

Download Call Break App

You can download Call Break app on any compatible device. The CardBaazi Call Break app is designed for easy navigation even for newcomers, making it ideal for a novice player who is looking to get his feet wet with Call Break download card games.

The app also lets players keep track of their winnings and losses in real time, which makes it easier to make the transition from playing live Call Break games. If you get the CardBaazi app on your device, there’s no separate needed or there is no need to download other Call break game. With us, you can not just enjoy and you will get some expert tips and learn exclusive Call Break card game sequence tricks to make your game more competitive, while earning money in one go.

Follow these directions on your device to access Call Break download for free.

  • To obtain the download link by SMS, visit
  • Enter your phone number on the space bar on the center of the screen.
  • Click on the Call Break game download link
  • When the Call Break app download is complete, create a free CardBaazi account
  • Go to the game menu
  • Register and Play!

Tips to Play Online Call Break Game

This guide teaches you everything you need to know about winning in Call Break game online. To succeed in Call Break game online in India, go through our tutorial and brush up your basics.

  • Always take calculated risks when making bids
  • Keep a track of what cards have been played by your opponents so as to avoid wasting your high cards
  • This one’s a rare trick no only comes with experience. You can count an extra bid to your favour by using even the weakest trump by trumping a hand for a suit you have the least number of cards from.

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Online Call Break FAQ

A player can make a call from 1 to 13, with 1 being the least and 13 being the best. The fundamental goal of Call Break game online in India is to build hands that are equal to or greater than the call.

Call Break is a multi-round card game that is heavily reliant on tricks and trumps in which a participant must earn the most points to play Call break and earn money. The total scores from all of the five rounds will be added together, and a winner will be announced.

A trump card is the card that triumphs a hand in any online card game where that card ranks highest in value or you can also say that a trump card is a playing card that is ranked higher than its normal rank in trick taking games. The trump cards in the Call Break card game are Spades, and participants have no authority to designate other suits as the trump suit card.

If you take more or equivalent to the call-in tricks when you play Call Break online with friends, you will receive points corresponding to the call + 0.1 for each additional hand in a Call Break game online in India.

In Call Break game online in India, each game has 5 rounds which are played in a four-player format as per the Call Break cash game rules where one round is made up of thirteen tricks.

The Call Break cash game is a version of Spades that is commonly played with four players.

Call Break online card game is available online in single player , double player and more modes and it is four-player strategic game that involves tricks, and bidding.

The Call Break card game rules are quite easy to grasp. Each participant is required to toss a high-rank card of the same suit as the initial pitcher, like if a player throws 8 ♠ as the lead suit, the remaining players must throw 9 ♠, 10 ♠, J ♠, or A ♠ or else they can use a high-value trump card in playing a Call break card sequence.

You may earn money at Call Break card games by bidding well, remembering the trumps and high value cards, employing ace or high cards in the early phases to win more tricks in Call Break taas games, and bidding correctly for each deal to display your talents and tricks in this online card game.

To do well on a Call break card game, you must first learn the call break tactics and keep in mind that you are accepting more calls in order to increase your score and also don't make irrational bids in playing a Call Break real money game; instead, evaluate the sorts of cards you have.


Learn the A to Z of Call Break.

Learn the A to Z of Call Break


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